Ichthyosaur 500M Diver. Carbon Fiber Bezel. Grey Dial. Black Genuine Leather. Aq-23003-09 Watches
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Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003-09, CUIR VÉRITABLE noir, résistant à l'eau 50 ATM, Ø45 mm

Wear the Ichthyosaur and feel the pulse of ancient seas course through your veins, its rugged stainless steel case and carbon fiber bezel are a shield against life's harshest challenges. As you dive into the depths or scale new heights, let its steadfast Seiko heart and Swiss Super-LumiNova guide you through uncharted territories, a constant reminder of your own resilience, strength and adaptability. More than a timepiece, the Ichthyosaur is your companion in adventure, your talisman of courage - wear it and awaken the intrepid explorer within.
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Ichthyosaur 500M Diver. Carbon Fiber Bezel. Grey Dial. Black Genuine Leather. Aq-23003-09 Watches

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003-09, CUIR VÉRITABLE noir, résistant à l'eau 50 ATM, Ø45 mm

$552.00 $326.00
Description du produit
Mouvement : TMI NH35 automatique
Matériau du boîtier : S/S316L, acier inoxydable de qualité marine
Bague de lunette : fibre de carbone noire, rotative, 120 clics
Largeur du boîtier : Ø45,0 mm (3-9H)
Longueur du boîtier : 51,20 mm (12-6H)
Longueur du bracelet : 129 X 76 mm
Épaisseur du boîtier : 15,70 mm (environ)
Matériau des verres : Verre saphir
Couronne : Couronne vissée
Fond du boîtier : Fond du boîtier vissé
Résistant à l'eau : 50 ATM 500 m
Lumineux : super luminova suisse
Ouverture du boîtier : 32,5 mm
Forme du cadran : rond
Matériau du bracelet : Cuir véritable
Largeur du bracelet : 22 mm
Boucle : boucle à ardillon S/S316L
style : usage quotidien, loisirs, voyage, plongée.

Résistant à l'eau jusqu'à 500 mètres

Montre de plongée professionnelle, étanche jusqu'à 500 mètres

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003

Objectif Japon TMI NH35 avec verre saphir

Lentille avec verre saphir, haute dureté, haute transparence
Mouvement automatique japonais TMI NH35, puissance longue durée

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003

Boîtier en acier inoxydable S316L

Bague de lunette en fibre de carbone, légère, haute résistance
Boîtier en acier inoxydable S316L, bonne résistance à la corrosion

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003

Valve d'évacuation à l'hélium

La lunette tournante vous permet de contrôler plus facilement l'heure
Helium Escape Valve - Montre de plongée professionnelle unique

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003

Bracelet en cuir véritable

Bracelet en cuir véritable, respirabilité, imperméabilité, résistance à l'usure

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003

Super Luminova suisse

Super luminova suisse, temps de luminescence plus long, peut durer 8 à 10 heures, non radioactif et inoffensif

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003

Montres de plongée Aquatrident AQ-23003

Avis sur les produits

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Strap is good

The leather strap is good, I really like that you can quickly also swap it out for another one if you want to.

Happy with it

Very Good 5 stars


The leather strap on this is comfortable, love the dial fade too.

Will Richardson

I appreciate the simplicity of the style and the quality. Great time piece.

A Dive Watch Forged for Underwater Exploration

Forged for the intrepid explorer. It takes its name from the prehistoric marine reptiles that ruled the ancient seas.

Hewn from marine-grade 316L stainless steel and fortified by a robust carbon fiber bezel, this timepiece shrugs off punishing knocks and relentless saltwater corrosion. Yet beneath its rugged exterior lies a refined core - the workhorse Seiko NH35 automatic movement providing steadfast timekeeping up to a staggering 500 meters below the surface.

The Bezel

Our goal is to make watches for those who want to live an exceptional life, and for the Ichthyosaur, our design team could think of only one thing: A Carbon Fiber Bezel. This Carbon Fiber is made in house, thus ensuring we get it right just for you. The best part? Because of the nature of the material, it means every single one is different, so you not only have a watch that is unique to you, it adds strength, and a huge degree of aesthetics. 120 Clicks with the 15,30 and 45 marked out for easy timekeeping.

The Movement

The team thought for a long time before deciding what movement a watch like this needed. We finally decided on the Seiko TMI NH35 Automatic, a reliable workhorse movement that won't let you down. The NH35 caliber has 24 jewels, beats at 21,600 beats per hour and is also equipped with the reliable  ”Diashock Movement Guard”, so it will be protected on your most active days.  

NH35 Specifications

Automatic Movement

Vibrations PH: 21,600

Power Reserve: 41 Hours

Jewels: 24

Diashock Movement Guard

Hacking Seconds


Quickset Date

Design and Material Inspiration

The case is made of highly versatile marine grade stainless steel. It is specifically engineered to have a low carbon content, which enhances its resistance to corrosion from seawater and the elements. This makes it the perfect choice for a watch that can handle any environment. We added the crown guard so the case is further protected from deep water and pressure.

The Ichthyosaur

On the caseback is the Ichthyosaur itself. Ichthyosaurs were among the first reptiles to re-enter the oceans after the Permian mass extinction event 250 million years ago. This showcases their pioneering spirit and adaptability in extreme conditions. Ichthyosaurs ruled the oceans for over 160 million years until their extinction, far outlasting their dinosaur relatives on land. This longevity exemplifies their hardiness as a species.

Helium Escape Valve

The helium escape valve is a crucial component for watches designed for saturation diving - the type of extreme deep sea diving done for offshore oil rig maintenance and undersea construction projects. 

The helium escape valve acts as a safety vent to allow this expanding helium gas to automatically escape from the watch case in a controlled manner as pressure decreases. Without this valve, the diver risks their watch being damaged or destroyed during decompression.

50 Atmospheres

Of course a watch like this needed a Water Resistance of 500m. This puts it in the upper echelons of the dive watch families. Only true professional-grade dive watches built to withstand incredible water resistance ratings are fitted with this specialized valve. Its inclusion signifies a timepiece engineered for the most extreme exploration at ocean depths no human can survive without advanced equipment.

Swiss Super-LumiNova

Using Swiss Super-LumiNova and differential lume on the bezel and minute hand not only enhances visibility in low-light conditions but also ensures precise time measurement, whether you're underwater or exploring in the dark. With the addition of a lumed seconds hand, and date this timepiece ascends to heights above other watches.

Leather or Fluororubber

We have 2 options for the strap. Genuine Leather which is soft and comfortable, giving the watch a more refined and professional look. The other is Fluororubber which is heat, oil and chemical resistant, surpassing other synthetic rubber options. Both are widely employed across various industries worldwide and both are go-to materials when the utmost quality is indispensable.

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