Carbon Fiber

by ZHANGJUNJIE on Dec 17, 2023

Carbon Fiber

In the world of horology, materials play a critical role in determiningIn the world of horology, materials play a critical role in determining the aesthetics, durability, and functionality of a timepiece. One such material that has gained immense popularity in recent years is carbon fiber. This high-tech material, once reserved for aerospace and automotive industries, has now found its way into the world of luxury watches.

Carbon fiber, as the name suggests, is made from carbon atoms woven together in a microscopic scale to form a strong and lightweight fabric. The resulting material is incredibly durable, resistant to corrosion, and has a unique visual appeal that is both modern and sophisticated.

Aquatrident Ichthyosaur 500m AQ 23003-02

When it comes to watch bezels, carbon fiber offers several advantages over traditional materials like stainless steel or titanium. Firstly, it is extremely lightweight, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. Secondly, it is scratch-resistant and can withstand harsh environmental conditions without losing its luster or structural integrity. Thirdly, carbon fiber offers a unique look that sets it apart from other materials. Its black and glossy finish gives the watch a sporty and futuristic vibe that is perfect for those who want to make a statement.

However, using carbon fiber in watch bezels is not without its challenges. The process of creating a carbon fiber watch bezel requires specialized equipment and expertise. The material needs to be layered in a specific pattern and then cured under high pressure and temperature to achieve the desired strength and rigidity. This process is time-consuming and expensive, which is why carbon fiber bezels or cases are often more expensive than their stainless steel or titanium counterparts.

Despite the challenges, many watch brands have started incorporating carbon fiber into their collections, recognizing the potential of this material to elevate the design and performance of their watches. Carbon fiber bezels are becoming increasingly popular among watch enthusiasts who appreciate the unique blend of style, comfort, and durability that this material offers. Our Aquatrident Neptune model AQ-23001 has a case that is fully Carbon Fiber 


Carbon fiber is a game-changer in the world of watchmaking. Its exceptional properties make it an ideal material for watch bezels, offering a combination of style, comfort, and durability that is hard to match. While it may come at a higher price point, the investment is well worth it for those who demand the best from their timepieces.